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Jason’s screenplay introduces us to an army of cyborg heroes and their villainous counterparts, whom we meet over a series of clashes as the evil mastermind, Centurion, proceeds with his nefarious plan. Between battles, we get to know the overall situation as well as the personal conflicts between the characters. Issue #1 of Jason Coffee’s Warhawks encompasses the first act of the original screenplay, including a stratospheric standoff on a damaged space shuttle!

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Jefferson Caesar, aka WEAPON
Weapon is the Field Commander for the Warhawks, an army of cybernetically-enhanced super soldiers. He is a tough, no-nonsense leader, struggling with his inner turmoil at being used as a “weapon” for peace. His main hardware is his right hand, which can become a glowing energy cannon. Weapon is one of the two main characters and the hero of the story.

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Rachel Lynch, aka SLAMDANCE
Slamdance is the most human of the Warhawk cyborgs. She has the body of a dancer and the least amount of cyborg gadgets. Her main implants are her legs, which were replaced to enable her to walk after losing the use of them in an accident. She acts as a love interest to both the towering robot Arsenal (with Timothy’s loving mind inside) and the dashing Sunburn.

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Miguel Gonzales, aka SUNBURN
Sunburn is Warhawks’ dashing and handsome lady killer, and uses heat weaponry. He is often in the company of the lovely Slamdance, much to the chagrin of the lovelorn Arsenal.

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Akira Mifune, aka STINGER
Stinger is Sunburn’s confidant when Slamdance is not around. His cyborg implants allow him to shoot electricity at the Warhawks’ enemies.

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Arthur Montgomery, aka GRYPHON
Blond, British, and handsome, Gryphon pilots the Warhawks’ main transportation – the Hawkstrike aircraft/spaceship.

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Sherlock Ravenswood, aka FANG
The youngest Warhawk, this teenage Native American uses morphing magic along with cyborg technology. Fang’s abilities allow him to become animal in appearance at will.

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Wolfgang Hertz, aka ARMOR
This Nordic, muscle-bound heavy is the Warhawks’ resident philosopher and intellectual. When not gearing up for battle, you can find Armor in the library wearing his reading glasses.

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Timothy Pendragon, aka ARSENAL
Arsenal is the other main character, and his arc follows his journey to become a hero. As our story opens, Tim has just had his brain removed from his body, which suffered from Lou Gehrig’s Disease, and had it placed in a towering robot. He is the only cyborg who looks completely like a machine, causing him to feel self-conscious and separate from the rest. The story often follows his physical point of view, looking down on the others.

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Dr. Pendragon
Dr. Nicholas Pendragon developed the weapons and defensive systems used in the team's cybernetics, leading him to found the Warhawks as a well-equipped peacekeeping task force.  He constantly monitors them and continues to tweak their tech between missions, acting as a father figure to the entire team.  However, when his son Timothy joins the Warhawks as Arsenal, having his own flesh and blood on the team threatens to divide Dr. Pendragon's loyalties and change the team dynamic forever. 

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Centurion is the mysterious leader of Maelstrom who plots the destruction of the Warhawks from his shadowy throne room command center and in this first issue, sends his team of vile soldiers to complete a series of complex high-tech robberies.

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Having recently quit the Warhawks to work for Maelstrom as Centurion’s right hand, Headhunter has a charming face he uses to sneer at his former teammates. His past with the team, especially Weapon and Arsenal, make him a truly trying and difficult opponent. He knows their weaknesses!

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A beautiful yet sinister agent of Maelstrom, this slender, floating woman with long claws has the ability to become invisible. Muse is romantically entangled with Behemoth.

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This crouching cyborg is the tech expert for Maelstrom’s crimes.

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Behemoth is the most muscle-bound of the Maelstrom cyborgs, and his brute strength protects his precious love, Muse. His body type is similar to Armor, but his personality couldn’t be more different.