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The Warhawks Universe

Jason Coffee’s Warhawks introduces us to a world of cyborg armies, both good and evil. Our heroes, the Warhawks, are machine-enhanced soldiers protecting the world from the similarly equipped but twisted cyborg villains, Maelstrom. Centurion, Maelstom’s mysterious mastermind, has a sinister plot that will pit the two teams against each other in continual conflict.

Are the Warhawks up to the task? Dr. Nicholas Pendragon is the brains behind the Warhawks - he built them, trained them, and put the team on course to fight the good fight. But his field commander, Weapon, is starting to realize the futility of stopping the powerful criminals over and over, only to have to face them again because of the Warhawks’ policy against lethal force. He begins to question his purpose, and wonders if it's really possible to be a true weapon for peace.